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Cargo and Freight are two terms related to transporting of goods. The purpose is same, but what is the difference between cargo and freight. Freight is a load on semi trailer. On the other hand cargo is the container that is loaded on to a ship or a plane.

It is important to note the use of the word freight. The term freight is used especially when you transport goods by a train or by a truck. The goods become cargo when they are transported by a ship or by a plane.

You get to hear the words such as cargo plane and cargo ship. In the same way you get to hear the words such as freight train and freight truck.

Hence it is understood that the major difference between cargo and freight lies in the nature of the locomotive by which the goods are transported. Hence it can be said that freight refers to goods or cargo carried on a train, airplane, truck or ship.

All air cargo excluding mail may be called freight. This shows that mail should be called cargo. One of the main differences between freight and cargo lies in their meanings. The money charged by the carrier or the locomotive for transporting goods is often called freight (charge). Cargo does not refer to money charged. It only refers to the goods.

Sometimes the word freight may be used to describe the goods themselves. On the other hand the term cargo definitely is used to describe the goods. Any product being transported is sometimes called freight. Any product being transported is always called cargo.

This shows that the word cargo is used only to indicate goods and nothing else. On the other hand the word freight is used occasionally to refer to product, money charged, amount payable or merchandise. Cargo is usually goods carried by a larger vehicle whereas freight is usually goods carried by a smaller vehicle like the truck.

Difference Between Cargo and Freight. . January 21, 2011.

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