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1. Freight and charges (including but not limited to destination charges) shall be deemed fully earned on receipt of the Goods or any part thereof, by the Carrier whether or not such freight and charges are stated on the face of this Bill of Lading or intended to be Prepaid or Collect at destination, and shall be paid in full without offset, counterclaim or deduction and non-returnable in any event, Goods and/or Vessel or other conveyance lost or not lost.

2. The Merchants attention is drawn to the stipulations concerning currency in which the freight and charges are to be paid, rates of exchange, devaluation and other contingencies relative to freight and charges in the applicable tariffs.

3. The freight has been calculated on the basis of particulars furnished by or on behalf of the Shipper. The Carrier may at any time open any Container or other package or unit and inspect, reweigh, remeasure or revalue the contents; and if the particulars furnished by or on behalf of the Shipper are incorrect it is agreed that a sum equal to either double the difference between the correct freight and the freight charged or to double the correct freight less the freight charged, whichever sum is the smaller, shall be payable as liquidated damages and not as additional freight or a surcharge to the Carrier, and the Merchant agrees to pay all expenses incurred by the Carrier in ascertaining said particulars.

4. All the persons coming within the definition of Merchant shall be and remain jointly and severally responsible for all freight and charges due under this Bill of Lading, applicable tariffs and/or contracts together with any court costs, expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred in collecting any sums due to Carrier.