Freight Brokering

Freight brokering is one of the hottest business or career opportunities right now in North America. Now, more than ever, you can change your career, or start a business from home needing only a phone and computer. Trucking Revenues Top $700 Billion for the First Time in 2014, per the American Trucking Association.

Freight brokering right now is one of the best opportunities in North America for individuals to go out and earn unlimited income. Simply put, the harder you work, the more youre going to make. Freight broker average earnings were $43,960 in 2014 and industry growth rate is expected to be 14% from 2012 – 2022, Source:*US Bureau of Labor Statistics*. , while above national income average, we have seen our very own earn $100,000 or more per year. Firms all over the country are looking to hire sales agents to build customer relationships and expand their operations. A large portion of these hirings are for independent contractors who work from home!

Our freight broker training program eliminates the need to learn the hard way doing on the job training. We put this program into action knowing that these same tools and training systems have worked for some of the top earners in the country. We have tested several different training tactics, the fast track programs, and putting a script in front of trainee brokers and released them to the phones. The fact of the matter is, the more educated you are about the business, the better you will do. This business is about the customer. The customer needs to have confidence in you, that you can provide the service they need, and do it cost effectively and efficiently. Welcome to Freight Scholars, we give you the tools, so you can build your business with confidence!

Learn how we make money. Freight brokers can make $100 per load, or $500 per load. The more customers you make happy, the more you make! But most importantly, there are no limits, and that is what makes this business great. In the freight business, the world is your playground.

This freight broker school was set up like any other school. There are quizzes at the end of each section, and there will be a final exam to make sure we did our job right. We want to make sure youre in the top 10% before you go out and start your business. Check out the details of our training program now!!

Attention, employers and recruiters! The individuals who pass our program will have the same basic knowledge as a broker who has been on the job for a year. Whether you want freight brokers, dispatchers or truck agents, our students can join your organization with confidence, and start earning for you on the first day.