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Training for Freight Brokers and Freight Agents

Are you interested in becoming a freight broker or freight agent? Whether your

goal is to become a licensed freight broker and build a successful freight broker

based 3PL company or work as a freight agent, an effective training program is

instrumental to your success. The Alliance Logistics Freight Broker Training

Program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to accomplish your goals.

A Freight Broker can be an individual or company that matches shippers with transportation services in order to transport goods. Freight brokers are responsible for matching authorized and reliable transportation carriers to the shippers freight and coordinating all of the shipping needs for many companies. Such brokers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

A Freight Agent is someone that typically works under the direction and authority of a licensed freight broker helping to coordinate shipments. Freight agents interact with both shipping customers and motor carriers on a regular basis. In an effort to provide the best customer service most of a freight agents day consists of providing their customers freight rates, sourcing carriers, negotiating with shippers/carriers, dispatching trucks, scheduling pickup/deliveries and solving problems that could potentially delay or damage a shipment.

We have created a success driven training program that can be accessed and completed in the comfort of your home. This comprehensive training program developed by freight brokers who understand the challenges new brokers/agents are facing will introduce you to the 3PL Industry, teach the skills necessary to build customer relationships, explain the motor carrier effect on your business and teach you how to move loads!

The Success Store offers resources that we have found to be very important to the success of any business. The Success Store offers material that will add value to your life and business. We think it is imperative for a serious freight broker/agent to read books and other resource material that offers the how to of building a successful business.

The purpose of freight broker/agent training is to introduce a person to the 3PL industry and teach the requisite skills required to become an effective and successful freight broker or freight agent. Freight broker/agent training is NOT a requirement to start a freight broker/agent business. However, the failure rate is extremely high for those that do not attend a training course. Starting a freight broker/agent business is a huge challenge and the more knowledge one has about the business the more effective he will become. We believe that a training course taught by freight brokers provides the trainee with a solid foundation to build a successful freight broker/agent business.

Benefits of Becoming A Freight Broker

No experience is necessary to start a freight broker/agent business

No more worries about getting a pink slip

Work from anywherejust need a phone and internet

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1. New Brokers/Agents 1st Big Challenge

2. Negotiate Like Top Freight Brokers/Agents

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