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Also found in:FinancialEncyclopedia.One that forwards, especially an agent that facilitates and assures the passage of received goods to their destination.(Commerce) a person or thing that forwards(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a person engaged in the bookbinding process of forwarding

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of green coffee beans–a core service to this day.

Spectrum purchases Canadas Eland Logistics

LDi) a Buffalo, New York, based third party logistics provider will be offering a free

live training webinar, The 12 Best Questions to Ask Shippers to Book More Freight.

Free Freight Broker Live Training Webinar: The 12 Best Questions to Ask Shippers to Book More Freight

To implement FourKites CarrierLink, a

can sign up through the companys website at

FourKites Offers Free Load Tracking to Brokers

The growth of our company is directly attributed to the ongoing success of our

agent partnership program and the dedication of our valued staff that work hard to provide quality service to ensure we remain an innovative and competitive company in our industry.

Logistic Dynamics Named Fastest Growing Logistics Provider

agents dealing with carrier capacity issues.

Event: Live Webinar on The CRITICAL Future of Logistics

LDiAgentMate is the first mobile application developed by a third-party logistics company and geared specifically to

Logistic Dynamics Announces the Release of LDiAgentMate

Internet Truckstop (commonly called ITS Dispatch) provides unique online trucking and

software applications for both small- and medium-businesses.

United States : ITS DISPATCH releases new website

providing services throughout North America.

These cases illustrate the breadth of potential double payment liability which may arise any time a load moves–regardless of whether or not a transportation intermediary such as a

Avoiding shipper/consignee double payment liability

service that locates trucks for shippers.

or a third-party Asian sourcing company can help you determine the right HTS code for your products.

The true costs of sourcing from China: China isnt spelled cheaper, especially when it comes to raw materials. But lower labor and overhead costs often make the decision worthwhile, though there are still a myriad of issues to understand and consider

Infinity Software Solutions innovative

software automates daily workflows for transportation organizations as well as shippers of all sizes.

Getloaded Announces Integration with McLeod and Infinity Software

Freight Action Strategy Eastern Route

Freight and Goods Transportation System

Freight and Passenger Traffic, Forms of, a

Freight Automated System for Traffic Management

Freight Carriage and Insurance Paid To

Freight Classification Guide System

Freight Consolidation and Distribution Team

Freight Equipment Environmental Sampling Test Program

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