Board Review Loaded Boards Overland

To test, we rolled out to the streets of. We tested it out with both traditional kingpin and reverse kingpin trucks along with some 65mm wheels.

The Loaded Overland is adirectional, double-kick skateboarddeck measuring in at37 long and 9.375 wide. This deck is constructed withbamboo and fiberglass and features rocker, wheelwell flares, multiple mounting options, a textured TPU bottomand astrategically placed griptape patternon the top. Its even got alittle bit of flexto put some spring in your step.

The decks unique surface texture and grip tape pattern made foreasy gripping and grabbing,even in wetter conditions. The bamboo and fiberglass construction keeps this boardlight for its size, and the mild amount of flex keep it fun while pushing through the streets. And, of course, the kicktail and nose keep the ride interesting along the way.

As fun as the Overland is for smashing the streets, there are a couple things we think it could work on. The kicktail proportions felt a bit off compared to that of traditional street decks. We were able to make it work by adjusting our setup, but it did take some getting used to. The size of the deck over all might also be a bit large for riders under about 57, but for riders above that it makes for a fun hillbomber, street slasher crossover deck! The flex also took some getting used to, but it kept it very fun for pushing, so were not too bummed.

The shape is rad and the light weight allows you to skate it for a long time without getting too tired. The flex keeps it lively and gives you a nicereturn of momentumwith each push. This board is one of the most fun city-pushers weve ridden. We would absolutelylove to see a smaller versionof this deck in the future!

If you have any further questions hit us up at via our contact us drop-down tab, or m. From all of us here at Wheelbase, wed like to thank you for viewing this Wheelbase Product Review forLoaded Boards Overland.

Skating:Seth Hyposethis Brown & Marcus Bandiesel Bandy

Filming:Jean Can I be your intern? Taeza, Ed Edvice Nieves & Aaron Brrraaapppp Hollebeke

Music:Hot Knife Bootleg Remix by Go Yama.

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