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One of the first and still the best – since 1970

Outsourced logistics programs that drive your bottom line

Consulting services known for navigating uncharted waters

Our Jaguar TMS software puts you at the controls of your shipments

An Audit & Payment process that delivers – however large the stack

Over 42 years ago, Freight Management Inc. (FMI) began a revolution in Freight Cost Management and Freight Audit Services, reducing shipping costs for its customers. We were among the first to provide this service from which we derived our name: Freight Management Incorporated (FMI) to save businesses time and money on their total freight operations.

Today, FMI remains one of the industrys most experienced, knowledgeable and capable providers of logistics management, including freight bill audit and freight payment services. We offer local, national and global solutions that reduce your costs while streamlining operations.

FMI is not a traditional third-party logistics company (3PL) or a freight broker. FMI is a full service logistics company with superior data management and reporting capabilities. There are plenty of Freight Audit Companies, but only one FMI.

Get the best of both worlds!With service at the heart of our philosophy, we are committed to long-term relationships. Our top management is directly involved with every account. Plus, we offer 3-deep customer support for every client, guaranteeing you can reach us any time of day. Get started with Our Complete Solutions Program today.

Looking for solutions in Freight Bill Audit and Freight Payment, Logistics Management, Transportation Management Services or anything related to freight?

Our transportation management software, Jaguar TMS, can easily tie into your existing Enterprise Resource Planning and provide shipment costs.

FMI can help find ways to save on your current inbound and outbound operations.

In 40 years, weve seen it all. We know what to do and how to expedite it

Our clients rave about our adaptability and responsiveness

Our Jaguar TMS software gives you control and oversight over your shipments

With deep expertise, we build the perfect program for our clients

Customer satisfaction is STILL our 1 source of new business

You are driven towards delivering customer satisfaction, which is what it is all about because you have taken on tough issues and accounts.

Nick Kekich, Corporate Account Executive

Our customer needs are always your top priority and we can always count on you to make our connections even when it seems impossible. We are grateful to you for your consistent extra effort on behalf of CMA.

Just wanted to take some time to say thank you to you all. I appreciate all your help and hard work! Thank you very much.