Load Manager

Its smart logistics integration with other products makes it a great tool for managing day to day operations of your logistics company. You can overcome such problems as lost paperwork, missed oads and deadlines.

Load Manager helps track Loads from Quote to Invoice. The My Loads board shows only the loads that you want to see so nothing is missed. It also uses data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web-site which provides you with Carrier Insurance and Safety information. This is a great way to handle your due diligence when it comes time to hiring a freight carrier. Integrated Google Maps is used for calculating route miles, rendering directions and providing Maps for the entire route and/or for each individual stop. You can even view Traffic details along your route!

Internet Truck Stop, Transcore DAT 360,

load boards to help move loads, we can help! Load Manager integrates with these major load boards so you can post your loads to all three load board with the click of a mouse!  Need to get a POD for a load? With Load Managers file attachment feature you can easily attach files to any load including PODs, Contracts etc. No need to ever look through your emails for any documents again. To learn more please call us to see a quick demo. Phone us at

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Manage Customers, Shippers, Consignees & Carriers

Handle Multiple Stops and Copy Loads

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

Load Managers freight dispatch software is a relatively new product built from the ground up with brokering features in mind. Its smart logistics integration with other products makes it a great tool for managing day to day operations of your logistics company.You can overcome such problems as lost paperwork, missed loads and deadlines. Read on to learn more about important enjoys to make you more efficient.

It is also common that your drivers lie to you about their location when you call them and ask them the details over the phone. If you think that your drivers misuse your trucks and use them for their personal reasons, you can use our freight brokerage software which is a dependable route and miles calculator. With this software, you will also be updated with the delivery record and it also generates invoices or bills.

You can use our web based automatic software that has specially been designed for trucking load brokers that minimizes unnecessary paper work, reduces the need of hiring workers for maintaining records and eliminates manual errors. This software also offers carrier due diligence by which you can run your business smoothly and maintain large amount of data as well as print invoices quickly and easily.

You can also use our Accounting Software Integrator to send customer and carrier information to QuickBooks in order to eliminate double entry. This combination of software gives you the freedom to choose the accounting software that meets your back office needs without having to sacrifice your freight brokerage software. We also support Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Access Your Biz and other popular accounting software programs. If you have accounting software that is not currently supported, we will build the integration for you at no charge.

15 years and going strong! LoadManager has been providing Freight Brokers and Asset Based Carriers the finest and most comprehensive software solutions available. Load Manager Logistics software helps freight brokers and trucking companies run efficiently without breaking the bank.

We offer top features like Miles Calculation, Mapping and Directions, Carrier Due Diligence and Electronic