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Could This Be the Best Freight Broker Training Youve Ever Come Across?

You may be at a crossroad in this stage of your life not knowing which way to turn. Or, you may be seeking a solid, realistic opportunity without much luck. If youre in trucking, maybe youre getting tired of climbing in and out of your cab. Maybe youre getting tired of smelly truck stop bathrooms or eating manufactured food after having already missed many family activities through the years.

You might even be headed toward retirement and are getting anxious about finding a substitute for trucking or some way to supplement your other income. Or, are you that person who is stuck in a dead end job, bored stiff and scared about your current job outlook? Or, you simply want to supplement your trucking operation and go directly to the shipper for loads. It doesnt matter

May Not Be That Difficult or Complicated to Get Started In!

In the next several minutes, Im going to take you through an outline of my system where you will learn about starting and maintaining a PROFITABLEfreight broker business. My program is not a general introduction it is a detailed and comprehensive solution to ALL the hurdles you may be facing.

Not just for getting yourbroker authority(thats where we usually begin) but the other requirements like learning what tools you will need and how to properly use them,finding shipperswho are receptive to working with you and ready to give you loads; or, how to find and prequalifymotor carriers, including what youll need to know in the legal realm to reduce your exposure to broker liability. These materials and tools are so powerful youll end up saving thousands of dollars as I help you cut through the mustard.

Manufacturing, distribution, freight, logistics, transportation, supply chain and trucking all of these are integral parts that you will come in to contact with.

If this is what you are seeking, this may be the most important message youll ever have read.

My name is John Thomas. Ive been training individuals for 15 years onhow to start, run and succeed in their own freight broker business. In fact, Ive been working for over 20 years with othersmall business start-upsbefore I got into broker training. Education, training and mentoring are my passions! This program is based primarily upon my ownprevious brokerages, Atex Logistics, Inc. and Atex Freight Brokers, Inc. (MC 453560). So, Ive been there, done that.

There is no need for you to flounder around, struggling to understand what is required, or how to do what you are supposed to do, or when to do it all so that you gain enough confidence that you are on the right track. Perhaps most importantly, there is no need for you to make costly errors that cant be reversed.

When I got into brokering, it took nearly four months just to get organized and ready to go. Most of the time I didnt know what I was doing and finding help in this tight-lipped industry is like trying to find a sandy beach on the islands of Palau.

I didnt really have a game plan for getting started and when I DID get started, I usually ended upcalling on shipperswho were being called on by other brokers. Not good!

Sad to say but some days Id just sit there twiddling my thumbs, hoping someone would call me. Can you imagine the helpless feeling I felt? But, I kept plugging away. I documented everything I did, putting it into a journal, hoping I could sort things out some way.

Eventually, Istarted getting loads slowly. Then one day, after working with a particular shipper for several months, I got a phone call from him. He said, This is Ramon.

Im thinking, Whats he calling ME for?

Then he said, Ive got a load.I need a truck.

After making who knows how many phone calls, finally FINALLY someone called ME instead of me calling them! And, it slowly mushroomed from there. There were some days I could hardly get away to the bathroom!

Would YOU Like a BlueprintWhere You Can

Bypass a Lot of the Needless Frustration?

You see, I knew these industries were gigantic!Trucking, freight, logistics, the supply chain and freight brokering they are immensely huge!

In these gargantuan industries, there are thousands and thousands of potentialcustomerswaiting for YOU right NOW! If you would like to get on board and start moving YOUR portion of these thousands andthousands of products being shippedevery day, please continue reading.

As a freight broker, you will coordinate the complete transaction between shippers and carriers and you will receive a commission for yourmatchmaking skills. Further, after gaining the trust and confidence of bothshippers and carriersyou will get repeat business; you will guarantee yourself anincome streamfor as long as you are in business.

My program inlogistics and brokeringis comprehensive, effective and affordable. The materials are laid out so you can get thebig pictureas well as penetrate and understand all the essential details.

After Documenting a Huge Portion of My Operations,

My twin brother who was always very supportive, and an idea man, gave me the encouragement I needed.

During an out-of-town strategy session with my twin, we couldnt even enjoy our business vacation. During that particular week, myfreight broker trainingexploded. People were signing up so fast I found myself having to train all the while we were in the hotel. In the following weeks and months, it came so fast that I transitioned out of brokering and intotraining full time.

I couldnt do both I had to sleep sometime.

I am glad I signed up for the course. It was a good experience and a good investment. It was patently obvious to me that a lot of time and attention was directed toward presenting a very professional package. I feel that I benefited a lot and now its up to me to put what I learned into practice. Im particularly happy about having all the handouts and training book to use as a resource as I try to become more cognizant of the freight brokering business. Thank you for all your help.

One of my favorite stories early in my training is about a young client who had NO idea what brokering was all about. Three months after training, he called me. Im thinking he is going to complain about not being able to find loads.

He said, No, Ive had as many astwo hundred loads!I cant find enough trucks! How can I find more trucks?

Well, thats a nice problem to have. He also had several big accounts to my surprise.

Now, not everyone will have 200 loads or big accounts shortly after finishing training. But, one never knows. Sometimes its a matter of being in the right place at the right time and you had better be ready for it. And, Ill show you some ways tojump-start your business.

The question for you today is: What can YOU do to make money in brokering?

Its a beautiful morning and you are calling one of your steady customers a shipper. He has aload of frozen pizzasthat needs to bepicked upfrom Chicago anddelivered toDallas. He needs a refrigerated unit(a reefer).

You go through yourdatabase of carriersthat you have accumulated or youll search one of theload boardsand you call a motor carrier. You ask them if they have a truck available to pick up in Chicago to deliver to Dallas. They check their availability and say, Yes, give me the details.

You give them all the details and tell them you will immediately fax theconfirmation. In a few minutes you get the signed and dated confirmation faxed back and several minutes later, thetruck drivercalls you.

He is calling to let you know he is ready tohit the roadand to ask for any last, specific instructions. You give them to him and wish him a safe trip. After his delivery, the carrier sends you an invoice along with the related paperwork. You turn around andinvoiceyourshipper.

In a few weeks or sooner, you expect thepayment from your shipper. When you receive your check, this normally completes the cycle.

Is it always this easy? Absolutely not. Its a service-oriented business and it will take time to buildsolid business relationships. But many times, it IS this simple IF you know what youre doing.

You have an opportunity here. Dont put it off. Every day you postpone this, another broker is taking loads that YOU should have.

What Kind of Benefits Can You Expect Working As a Broker?

has a high return on investment (ROI),

does not rely upon one geographic area,

more and more can be run off of a smart phone,

can relocate to anywhere even overseas,

can be passed on to family or heirs,

has relatively low start-up and operating costs

can supplement an existing trucking operation,

requires no special formal education or background,

may be run while youre on the road in transition, and

with the proper determination, experience or training almost anyone can become a truck broker.

Heres Perhaps the GREATEST Benefit!

When you invest in your freight broker venture,you have a high ROI opportunity. What do I mean here? ROI is your return on investment. Its like you giving someone a dollar and they turn around and give you five dollars back. Thats a deal youll want to do over and over again. And thats exactly how freight brokering works. You invest you get a return greater than what you invest.

Throughout this message, you will learnWHATI have to offer;HOW MUCHits going to cost;WHATis in it for you; and,WHYyou can trust me.

Many others are already on their way after all, its theBEST freight broker trainingout there.

The best informative part is the different scenarios that we went thru in regard to talk to the shipper and carrier. Also the handouts and the e-book were very acknowledgeable.

Yvonne from Texas called to tell me she got such a good rate from one shipper that she had to ask him THREE times just to make sure she did not misunderstand him.

Ken from Florida called to tell me he got such a good rate from a shipper he felt guilty when the load gave him a whooping 25% profit! I can help relieve your guilt.

Many individuals think they can learn this business on their own.

The business concept is simple enough find shippers, then find trucksand then put them together. Grab a commission in the process. However, when you strike out on your own you risk being perceived as incompetent and unprofessional.Shipping managersand others will spot you a mile away.

Knowing the correct procedures, the correct questions and the correct methods forgetting a load movedsafely, effectively and efficiently will mark you as a professional. Procedures need to be done in sequence or else you mess up the entire flow of things and, you might lose a customer.

Another thing you dont need to spend thousands of dollars for training but you DO need to know the many essential details as well as the basics. The attractive low-cost, $98 to $497 deals, may not be what you really need IF you are serious about becoming aprofessional freight broker.

Now, right now, you may be asking yourself, How can I find loads to get started if Im new to the business and a small operator?Good question.

The simple answer is, If you cant findon-the-job training(very difficult to find), you need toget properly trained by a good mentor.

My accounting background and my passion for exploringsmall business opportunitiesin my earlier years enabled me to prepare and conduct numerous workshops to potential small business owners on How to Start a Business.

Shortly after creating this particular program, I was hired by a large multi-use real estate development company. My objective was tohelp business owners retail and service join our real estate development. A big part of the program involved doingmarket research. I loved that almost as much as accounting.

Before I got intofreight brokeringhere, I spoke with about 20 brokers here. (My secret to getting my foot in the door of the potential competition was to ask them to review mycash flow projections. ANY savvy business man would be interested in seeing what someone elses cash flow projection looks like).

I also spoke with someshippers and truck drivers. The information that was collected was invaluable. It formed the basis for mybusiness planthat secured my initial line of credit.

Again, based upon marketing skills, mycustomer acquisitionadvice in my freight broker training deals with the question: How many different ways are there tofind customers?Many mistakenly ask, What is the best way or What is the fastest way to find shippers?

The best and fastest ways may sometimes be the most difficult. Why? You want to do what others are not willing to do. You want togo the extra mileif thats what it takes to beat the competition. You want to be effective. And, Ill show you how. In our program, well explore the many different waysget customersand youll come to learn what works for you and what doesnt.

Getting Organized and Getting Your Broker Authority,Getting your company set-up and doing the applications for the broker authority, etc.

Essential Tools of the Trade,How to calculate rates, using the load boards, rate negotiation, setting up databases, etc.

Finding & Working with Shippers,Preparing the set-up package, search strategies, taking the order, posting the load, etc.

Prequalifying & Working with Motor Carriers,Preparing the set-up package, finding trucks, booking the load, sending and receiving the agreements and confirmations, etc.

Business, Credit, Legal & Financial Issues,Load manager templates, credit, cash management, claims, accounting, potential problems, etc.

Legislation & Other Related Legal IssuesCSA2010, MAP21, FAST Act, HOS, avoiding negligent carrier selection, broker liability, etc.

These six steps are what took me from zero clients to working with hundreds and hundreds of them.

You can learn how to do all these things no matter where you are located and no matter where yourcustomers and carriersare located. Ive trained clients who were in Iraq, Kuwait, the Philippines, Okinawa, Canada and most of the states in the U.S.

Work off your kitchen table, if you like. Your shippers and carriers wont care they just want a good, hard-working, reliable and knowledgeable freight broker to partner up with.

This six-part strategy is the missing link thatsuccessful brokershave learned that others havent.

This is your Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Money-Making Machine That Generates Repeat Business and Streams of Income for As Long As You or Your Associates Work It.

Which leads us to the topic of money.

This is a frequently asked question and a worthwhile one at that.

Realistically, theincome potentialis unlimited. Thats the good news. The bad news? Normally, you dont start out with a bang and, if you are starting from scratch, it will take sometime to get established.

However, while you arebuilding your freight broker business, your overhead and operating expenses will be relatively low telephone, office supplies,load boardsand maybe the trust fund will be your biggest expenses not much more depending on how youstructure your business.

Ourtrainingwill put you on afast trackthat will have you calling on potential customers in about 30 days. Someestablished freight brokersare doing several hundred thousand dollars a year; others are going broke. Knowing how toshift the right gearsis a big factor to success.

You may not start out doing 10-15 loads per week. But, when you do the math, you may be looking at a very, very nice level of income.

Well discussusing freight agentsto help grow your business if you want toslam it into overdrive. Using broker agents is a different animal but worthwhile if you are willing togo down this road.

You wont hear too many success stories from smaller private freight brokers. Brokers dont want the competition. Theyre not going to tell you how well they are doing or where to go to find loads or get trucks. In fact, some will tell you its almost impossible to succeed. Well .. is this true? I think, Not.

Some come from far places to El Paso but read this comment:

The training was excellent. I was unable to travel for training and this program offered me the flexibility of training at home at a time that was convenient for me. You were very patient and I really enjoyed training with you.

Virginia Lopez from North Miami, FLSo, What Are Your Training Options?

A comprehensive and detailed training manual about 150 pages,

About 40 handouts, some of which youll modify and use in your business (like the 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement, the load confirmation, the set-up packages, etc.), and

About 30 videos that help explain most of the handouts.

For the telephone and online training, youll be emailed a link to download the manual; well get together over the phone once or twice a week for one to two hours per session. We go through the entire program youll have the program in front of you on your computer and Ill do likewise.

With each training option, except for theHome Study, you have unlimited support. Ill stick with you as long as you need me and youll let me know when that is. For the Home Study, you have up to three months of email support.

First, our training is pretty much a One-Stop Shop. EVERYTHING you need to get set-up and EVERYTHING you need tooperate successfully after getting your broker authorityis here with us and with our associates.

We help coordinate everything with you. Well do the applications for your broker authority together when its time to do these.

You will train to become a fully, self-employed freight broker,

You will be running an entire business acquiring customers with loads to move, invoicing, accounts payable, cash management, plus a whole lot more,

You will learn how to apply solid business fundamentals specific to freight brokering,

Of course, with our six-part program, you will learn all the other nuts and bolts of running a freight broker business.

Choose which freight broker training option is best for you and start thinking about a form of doing business (LLC or sole proprietor, etc.). Start searching for an available business name. I can help to some extend on these initial items.

Again, be smart and get your instruction from someone who has been there, done that.

Each training option gives you a comprehensive,step-by-step road map, explaining what to do, how to do it, when to do it, with whom to do it, why you are doing it, plus more.

Ive got a number of other methods and secrets that Ive used that will get your attention.

Like how tocreate ratesand check to see if they are realistic, whygiving quotesis not always a good strategy, what to watch out for whennegotiating with both shippers and carriers, how to approach shippers as a guest, not a pest, the pros and cons ofmeeting face-to-facewith shippers, one effective technique that will help fight against low rates from shippers, where to go to find customers who arent being called on by every other broker in the country, what to expect whentruckers or dispatcherscall about your load and why following the herd will only lead to frustration, etc.

And, while I cant tell you all the secrets right now, there is a way for you to get them quickly and easily.

I have put ALL this information into a detailed, comprehensive and easy-to-read training manual called: Atex Freight Broker Pro.

And it contains the exactblueprintI used to take my brokerage and many clients from nothing to a full-fledged venture ready to rock in just several weeks.

I originally wrote myfreight broker training manualto help me get myfreight broker businessoff the ground; since then, this blueprint has transformed the lives of hundreds of other people.

But, you cant find this for sale on the Internet or in bookstores. However, if I hear from you today, youll have the opportunity toinstantly downloadand access this powerful store house of information.

In fact, if Im in the office when you or we process the order, you can have your link in about 20 minutes to download the materials.

More on this in a moment. But first

No other freight broker training program even comes close to what you receive here. Just review the website here. Theres atruck loadof helpful information and most of it wont cost you a penny to read. There are other low-cost materials.

I challenge you to call any other training program and compare theirs with ours. Ask questions a lot of questions. Especially, Is their program conducted by someone who has actually OWNED their own freight brokerage? If not, well who knows what you are going to get.

Once you own this manual, you willlearn or develop skillsthat you can use for the rest of your life no matter what type of business you end up in.

Skills that nobody can ever take from you. Skills that are timeless and that will work today, tomorrow and probably 100 years from now.

Im referring specifically to the essentialskills needed in your brokerage. Here they are:

For those who have never started or run asmall business, we discuss these corebusiness fundamentals. You have to try and master ALL of them not just one or two.

Make no mistake about it this is no get-rich-quick scheme. You have to get prepared professionally and mentally. We can help with both. You have to prove yourself to others starting out. It takes time. But once youget established, you can expect to reap 10 to 20 times your initial cost or much more.

Heres Just a Small Taste of What You Will Discover in This Training:

One, you will learn the nuts and bolts of freight brokering and I mean the nuts and bolts, including other related business, credit, financial and legal information,

Two, you will use powerful Load Manager spreadsheets that are provided in the hand outs. With these, you will

monitor your performance and your shippers performance

to show you where to focus your time, energy and money. You wont need expensive software,

not only your progress and your shippers progress, but your degree of success or failure with different geographic areas (called lanes),

Four, you will learn some laser-sharp

that will help you go where no one else is going to find loads,

Five, you will become mentally prepared as you learn what others will expect from you, and, what you can expect from others,

Six, you will learn how not to be afraid of calling on shippers and entering into negotiations,

Seven, you will learn how to avoid, or reduce the chance of assuming, broker liability,

Eight, two conflicting demands you will have to deal with are discussed,

Nine, three, essential personal skill sets you need to possess,

Ten, how to speed up collections from customers,

Eleven, current legal issues that brokers must deal with,

Twelve, why you need not be afraid of driverless trucks for decades,

You Are the Center of Attention When You Train with Us

For most people,getting into freight brokeringis a big step. I understand this. And, its gotten more expensive so you need to exercise more caution. There are a number of othertraining optionsout there some much cheaper so, how do you sort it all out? First, look for those who provide a ton of free or low-cost information BEFORE they hit you up with their offer.

Also, what kind ofsupport after formal trainingcan you expect from a training program? Are you going to get the door shut in your face if you need some input or questions answered later on down the road?

What aboutclassroom trainingwhere other trainers try to load up as many students as possible? Our small group,live training here in El Pasohas usually no more than three or four individuals.

YOU are the center of attention you will be remembered we are accessible during and after training.

The freight / truck broker training programs cover everything you need to get properly established

You will learn everything you need to know to get set up and to operate a successful freight broker business. We start with various required applications for your broker authority. We do these applications together when you select the telephone and Internet or live training or with the live training in El Paso. You learn where to find shippers, how to take the order, how to calculate rates, how to use the load boards, how to book loads, how to pre-qualify motor carriers, invoicing options, collection strategies, various business applications including current legal issues that impact brokers, plus much, much more.

My freight broker training is step-by-step instruction.

You receive an easy-to-read training manual that contains six major training topics, handouts, videos and bonuses. You wont be scratching your head wondering what to do after this training.

My 1-on-1 telephone and Internet or live training is customized for YOU.

With the one-on-one telephone instruction or live training, we answer your questions REAL TIME. You are not left hanging. On the last day of live training, if we have time, well make some actual phone calls to potential customers. My clients love doing this very revealing.

My 1-on-1 telephone and Internet training accommodates YOUR schedule. And for the live training, just call to ask about scheduling for the days you desire week days or weekends (with a surcharge) I am here for you. Just give me a 10 to 14 day notice on the live training.

We work around YOUR schedule not the other way around.

You can expect the formal telephone and online training to span 3-4 weeks; and thereafter, you have unlimited support.

With my freight broker training, you gain a competitive edge.

Many are getting into brokering because it appears to be simple and easy. They usually dont last long without proper experience or training. In the meantime, they bug it up for the serious brokers. With our program, you will be able to compete with the biggest and best thats a fact!

This training includesLoad Manager spreadsheetsas a BONUS to monitor each load. It includes aSample Business Planas a BONUS, aBroker-Carrier Agreementas a BONUS, two ready-to-usedatabase templatesas BONUSES, nearly 100blog postsas a BONUS,cash flow templatesas BONUSES and other materials that surpass anything else provided by other training programs.

My freight or truck broker training is affordable. We have contact information at the bottom of this page for SBA micro financing if desired.

You get great value here by avoiding other programs that require you paying for a lot of overhead, travel related expenses or even expensive software. Plus some training options fail to deliver and how can you recover from this?

For the 1-on-1 telephone and Internet option, can you actually learn it over the telephone? The answer is simple: if you can run an entire business over the phone and Internet, you can certainly get trained in the same manner.

You can sometimes expect very passionate, interactive and dynamic sessions between you and the trainer with either the live or telephone and online training option.

You benefit from my CPA experience. Why does this matter? I have learned a lot about business finances as well as marketing.

Use my 30+ years experience in working with small business start-ups. I know what works and sometimes, what wont work.

Now, youre probably wondering how and why I can do all those things. Let me explain

For whichever training program you choose, it is the result of hundreds and hundreds hours of preparation. The heavy part is now complete except for updates when needed.

Much of my time, in addition to training, is spent reading articles, blog posts, viewing videos and researching many websites. Learning and teaching are my passions.

Once you decide to train with me, my system for getting you set-up and properly instructed is down pat.

My business education and experience allows me to not only understand your situation but to provide alternatives for your consideration.

My patience is unending. I have many clients where English is their second-language. Some start to apologize for their speaking ability my comment is, NEVER apologize.

Some clients start to apologize for their lack of business experience again, I tell them to NEVER apologize. EVERYBODY started from ground zero, not knowing anything. Some forget this.

The point here is I want clients to work from their positions of strength and not get hung up on the weak areas. Things flow a lot smoother when this is understood.

You can expect the formal part of telephone and online training to be done in 10-12 hours (as a guide) thereafter, you have unlimited support. We provide support until you get to the point where you know what you need to know and youll tell me when that is.

This is a powerful, effective and efficient system. This is thebest freight broker trainingyoull ever find! Our freight broker/truck broker training puts you in business quicker than anything else and without losing the quality that youll need to be successful. You will use ourtraining