broker for cargoshipping containers

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broker for cargo/shipping containers

I need to find a broker for shipping/cargo containers, do I need to find the shippers?, or the railroads?, or insurance companies?

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Re: broker for cargo/shipping containers

Please email me with more information. I can help you with all of your transportation need.

Re: broker for cargo/shipping containers

call James lamb over at he should be able to get you what you need

Re: broker for cargo/shipping containers

Are you shipping on a regular basis? DSi ( is a company worth a look. Theyre a freight shipping, LTL broker, 3PL service provider and great to work with. Not sure if they supply containers per se, but Im guessing they would be very helpful in finding some good resources for you.

These folks use some pretty sophisticated in-house technology for bidding/routing, load optimization and shipment planning as well as their own system for spot market freight quotes — and quite often can save clients in the neighborhood of 20% on shipping costs. Rob Snowdale is the Ceo – and in addition to being very sharp with numbers and passionate about saving $s for his clients hes just great guy to work with/honest business person.

Re: broker for cargo/shipping containers

Apex Logistics Grapevine, Texas. They can do it all. I have been using them for 10 years.

I need to find a broker for shipping/cargo containers, do I need to find the shippers?, or the railroads?, or insurance companies?

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