Logistics Management Software

E-Freight Technologys suite of software products, is specially designed to service the freight forwarding and international shipping industry. Efficiently manage business operations, generate customized sales and profit reports, create supply chain visibility for clients and comply with international customs regulations.

Automate Workflow Data Interchange through EDI

Setting up EDI Processes will greatly reduce overhead in business operations. Efficiently manage Carrier Bookings and Shipping Instructions, receive real-time Status Messages and generate ASNs directly to clients.

EFT-eCargo is the signature product of E-Freight, specifically designed and developed for Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. It is a complete system that allows companies to manage all aspects of their business, including: Operations (International and Domestic Shipments), Accounting and Sales. From EFT-eCargo, users can generate hundreds of sophisticated reports with customizable criteria. The Accounting and Sales are fully integrated with all Import / Export Operations, and includes: Cash Management, Sales/Profit Management, and Ledger Management.

E-Freight was one of the first software vendors certified by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to file AES (Automated Export Systems) and AMS (Automated Manifest Systems). E-Freight has an established link with the CBP ACE and Canada Customs, where customers can directly file AMS, Canadas ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) and ISF (Importer Security Filing) from a Web Portal. All Manifest data filed for 24-Hour Rule Compliance can be uploaded or downloaded to the FMS to avoid any double entry. Advanced 24 Hour Filing Regulations are a global trend among World Customs, compliance to 24 hours advanced filing rules will be standard, and must be implemented into trade operations.

Purchase Order & Logistics Management

E-Freight has developed a number of Web-based solutions for Order and Logistics Management. EFT-ePortal provides visibility to all Shippers, Consignees, Agents and Trade Partners. Customers can view on-line all relevant Trade Data, including Shipment Milestones, in real-time. EFT-ePortal has full EDI capabilities, and can be integrated or customized with multiple systems at the clients request. EFT-eBridge is a complete web-based Vendor Portal where all Trade Partners, including Suppliers, Freight Forwarders, Brokers and Truckers can process Orders and Shipments. Customers can receive ASN data at each Milestone, all the way from Production to Delivery. Users can directly generate standardized Shipping / Carton Labels, Packing Lists and Commercial Invoices.

E-Freight to Co-host Japan AFR Seminar

Representatives from Japan Customs NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System) and E-Freight Technology will be on site to help prepare Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs for new Japan Advanced Filing Rules.