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As a motor carrier, you want to find high-paying truck loads in the right location and you want to find them quickly. While there are many load boards available, not all of them let your trucking business find loads and post your available trucks efficiently and easily for free.

When you register at, you will be able to find loads faster than ever. As the worlds largest free freight matching service, we continually work to make our advanced load board system more user-friendly. We do much more than offer a free truck load board system. Motor carriers also use our load matching services because we offer everything from credit histories on 10,000 freight brokers to real-time alerts when a load is posted that matches your equipment and location.

This completely free load board also serves freight brokers and shippers. They can post an unlimited number of truck loads, search for available trucks in specific locations, and grow their business on our site now.

At, we post loads submitted by thousands of brokers and shippers. To see the most loads leaving your location, simply click on Search for Loads and list your origin city with your acceptable distance radius (within 25 miles, for instance). We help you by listing the loads going in all directions. Then you can narrow down the options and contact the broker or shipper for more information. To start your free truck load search now, you can register here online in less than a minute.

Many truckers are looking for truck loads to avoid empty backhauls: they want to avoid the loss of income that goes with waiting for loads. Free Freight Search is a leader in load board solutions for people who are looking for quick pay loads as well as loads to haul at a high rate. Using a freight matching service decreases dead time, increases your chance for profitable back hauls, and helps you find loads fast.

When trucking companies are able to find available truck loads with speed and ease, they are better able to cover high fuel costs, insurance bills, and driver salaries. We have thousands of freight loads listed every day on our free load board. Sign up and register for your free account today!

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