In the past several years the trucking industry has noticed a large percentage of new owner operators. R & K Financial is proud to be a part of that growth. We have positioned ourself as one of the very few companies that truly specializes in approving start up owner operators.

This program not only helps new owner operators, but helps dealers and transportation brokers as well.

Equipment and transportation leasing brokers have typically had a tough time finding lenders who will finance start up owner operators. In recent years many lenders have dropped out of the trucking business and have left a financing void in the market.

R&K Financial Services has created a broker program, which allows brokers to have a place to place their trucking and transportation transactions.

At R&K we are determined to create approvals as quickly as possible. We have a great pay program for our brokers and fund both our dealers and brokers on our fast pay program.

Any brokers who need a quick, reliable funding source for their truck deals may want to call us for our program details.